Compression Therapy

Sigvaris Compression Stockings Diabetes Socks

Do you have tired, achy feet and legs?  Do your ankles swell or calves cramp?  Do you suffer from varicose veins?  If so, come in to our store for a complimentary assessment; we will help determine whether you have Chronic Venous Disorder caused by poor circulation.  One of our pharmacy staff or  trained fitters would be pleased to discuss remedial options with you.

We carry both over-the-counter and prescription stockings and socks made especially to increase your circulation and alleviate your symptoms.  Over-the-counter stockings and socks such as Sigvaris and Dr. Segal’s promote leg health and provide relief for a range of common symptoms.  There is a wide variety of strengths, lengths, fibres, colours, and styles to choose from in both prescription and non-prescription form.

If you have moderate to more severe symptoms such as spider veins, mild edema, varicose veins, vein stripping, etc., your physician may prescribe medical grade compression.  If so, one of our trained fitters will measure your leg to ensure a proper fit of your stocking or sock. 

Most drug plans cover the cost of prescription stockings and socks.

A growing number of competitive and recreational athletes are using compression therapy to help improve their athletic performance and recovery.

Wearing compression socks or stockings when travelling long distances or being seated for long periods of time will improve blood circulation, thereby preventing possible thrombosis (blood clot formation).

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