About Ideal Protein


The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method is a medically designed protocol containing 2 key components – weight loss and a healthier lifestyle plus the tools to maintain your results after dieting.  The program was medically designed and developed over 25 years ago by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh in France.  Our pharmacists will work closely with your doctor and your Ideal Protein coach is there every step of way, guiding you down the path to a healthier you.


Over the years, for whatever reason, your weight can creep up to a point where you could be at risk for possible chronic health problem. There are four different phases which help stabilize the pancreas and blood sugar levels. While on this program you will teach your body to live off its own fat reserves. You will also learn that simple carbohydrates can prevent weight loss.  However, Ideal Protein program is not a high protein diet but offers food with highly absorbable proteins in them.  In phase one you will be restricting sugars both simple and complex until your weight loss goal is reached. The Ideal Protein program will which will help your body burn fat reserves instead of muscle. This is important because there are many diets out there that you will lose weight on BUT if your were to lose 20lbs, ten of that would be fat and the other 10lbs would be water and lean tissue such as muscle.  If you gain the weight back you can put the fat back on but not the muscle so our bodies are in worse shape than before!


This can be the most difficult part of any weight loss program.  You work so hard, lose the weight but can't seem to keep it off.  As well as being a medically supervised weight loss program it also offers one on one coaching, the key to your success. Your personal coach has the same goal as you do, to LOSE WEIGHT and LIVE WELL.  You are encouraged each week to keep going, to reach your goal. Not only is your coach there for the good and the bad times they are there to educate you on how to eat properly and live the life you deserve.  This proven weight loss protocol will change your life.  As a pharmacy that is our ultimate goal.  We are there to help reduce your risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, reduce cholestersol levels and have more energy than you ever imagined!


“I have just started the Ideal Protein weight loss program as I am a type 2 diabetic and my doctor wanted to prescribe another medication. I saw fantastic results from a work colleague and decided I needed to do something to take control of my health. I am so thrilled with the way I feel and my blood sugar level readings great improvement in just 1 week. I am so motivated by the results” Murray

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