Ideal Protein Testimonials

Ideal Protein Testimonials

“I can’t believe how quickly the weight came off!  I really enjoy the food and it has encouraged me to plan my meals and eat more vegetables” Lisa

“My water retention medication (Hydrochlorothiazide) has been reduced by half in only 3 weeks on Ideal Protein weight loss program. I have been on this medication for years and have never had such fantastic results.” Sharon

“I own a bakery store and prepare all baked goods from scratch. I have been on the plan since February and have not been tempted or unable to resist the baked goods. I have lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks and feel great. It is such an easy plan.” Tracy

“I have just started the Ideal Protein weight loss program as I am a type 2 diabetic and my doctor wanted to prescribe another medication. I saw fantastic results from a work colleague and decided I needed to do something to take control of my health. I am so thrilled with the way I feel and my blood sugar level readings great improvement in just 1 week. I am so motivated by the results” Murray

“My reason for starting the plan was lose weight quickly and safely with one on one coaching to focus on my needs. I am so pleased to own the fact that I have lost 35 pounds in 5 weeks. The foods are so tasty and I have no cravings. It is amazing knowing what a “carb junkie” I was before this plan. I have had to buy new clothes and it feels wonderful.” Sue   

“Having been on so many weight loss plans and all the years of yoyo dieting, I needed to lose weight using a method that made sense. This is why I joined Ideal Protein.  It is a medically designed weight loss program, with evidence to measure body fat percentages, hydration levels, lean mass and weight loss. The focus is not only to enable a quick, safe weight loss but to allow the body to do this without loss of lean muscle. I have lost 20 pounds in 6 weeks with an underactive thyroid and a very slow sluggish metabolism. I am not tired and feel so alert and energized. I enjoy the tasty and easy foods as well as the fact that I am also required to eat protein and veggies home cooked or restaurant meals. This plan teaches us how to lose weight and keep it off by understanding the science behind food and our individual needs.  I am an Ideal Protein coach with Pharmasave in Ladner and Tsawwassen and believe we can all lose weight and keep it off with a method that works and makes sense.” Helen

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